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Promotional products can be an effective way to boost a business when used correctly. To make the most out of these items, it is important to give items that will cause people to remember the name of the business, and think of the brand name in a positive light. This method of advertisement has been proven to be effective. The best promotional products are items that people will actually use. In particular, these items should be things that people will use on a daily basis. Note pads and pens are popular choices. For a more upscale promotional and useful item, a personalized USB is sure to make an impression.

Be sure to use quality promotional items. Poorly made items give the wrong impression. It is important to give items that will last, so the recipient will continue to use the items for time to come.

Promotional products should be well designed. The placement of the name of the company should be well placed. Choosing the most friendly fonts and colors is also of importance. It is the little things that make a good promotional item stand out from the crowd.

Keep in mind the time of year that these items will be given out. People love holidays, and promotional items related to them will be considered special. For instance, red and green pens near Christmas will get more notice than a basic black or blue pen. The options for holiday choices are as open as the imagination will allow. Do not be afraid to be creative. Thinking outside the box can pay off big. Items that are different stick in people's minds without them even realizing it. Aside from the obvious, sales, this is is the best you can hope for from giving out these items.

Since promotional products do have a cost associated with them, it is important to decide who the target market is, and place these gifts in their hands. Handing out promo items at a trade show that is related to your business is a good example of this. Trade shows are filled with like minded people that have an honest interest in your service or product.

More is better. If the budget allows, giving out more than one type of item is the way to go. A combination of a personalized pen, note pad, and sticky notes will make a nice impression. It will also keep your items in use for a longer period of time, thus increasing your brand name exposure.

How to Make the Best Use of Promotional Items Think through what your audience’s everyday needs are like, and what small item could slip into their routine without much prodding. Don’t get too ambitious: you want to keep costs down, and you also want to make sure your recipients find it familiar enough to incorporate into their daily routine without thinking about it.

Find items that are the most useful and pervasive for your clients day-to-day. If you market to businesses, focus on things that would help around the office: flash drives, coffee mugs, desk decorations, and the like. If you cater to the household consumer, try refrigerator magnets, notepads, or dog toys. Remember, you want it to be something that’s everyday enough to slip right in at home, but unique enough to trigger a thought about where it came from. Once they know it’s there, they know you’re there, and better yet – they know where to find you.

What to Keep in Mind

Although part of the strategy is to spend less than you would on other methods of advertising, try not to go too cheap. People tend to appreciate a bit of craftsmanship or elegance and sometimes it's better to spend a little bit more than you thought, instead of a little bit less than you should. A pen that writes poorly and feels clunky is likely to get tossed in the garbage can, but a good solid one will be kept by your client or prospect engaged for years.

Great promotional items do the following:

Target customers and give them what they need and want.
Are attractive and communicate your brand message.
Are in-line with your brand image.

With over a decade of promotional experience and clients who make up a large part of the “who’s who” list in the Fortune 1000, we can make things easier for you. The process of buying promotional products does not have to be difficult or time consuming.

We want you to know at some point in the past EVERY SINGLE CLIENT was in the exact same position you are in today: They used to work with another promotional company. Unfortunately for one reason or another that other company disappointed them. So they decided to contact us. We Guarantee our orders, we Guarantee our order quality, and we have an additional 5% Free Goods Guarantee. They have all been loyal clients ever since.

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